Mobility Options Play Big Part in Design of Smart City

The Honorable Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation Anthony Foxx kicked off the Smart Cities Challenge pitch event this afternoon by saying, “This is not a normal government space. And this is not a normal government challenge.”

Nothing could be truer. In an article in the Wall Street Journal, Michael Laris said, “Competition helps make hard-to-do things happen,” and the US DoT Smart City Challenge provided this much needed catalyst to spur innovation and change in the way cities in America think about transporting their citizens.

During the Smart City Challenge live pitch in Washington D.C., the Mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, said that a smart city is one that recognizes challenges and owns those challenges. One of the most memorable statements he made was that smart cities is about an approach where anyone in the city can touch anyone in the city.

A similar sentiment was communicated by the San Francisco mayor, who talked about equity in cities….

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