Keynote presentations from the Forge DevCon

Over the last few days, recordings of several of the keynote presentations from the recent Forge DevCon have been made available online. More will be added over the coming days.

Robert Bodor's Forge DevCon keynote

Here’s the YouTube playlist, so you can check them out:



To get a sense of the overall event, here’s a fun video (also in the above playlist, but worth calling out seperately) compiled from footage taken on the first day of the conference.



To finish up, here’s a nice video (again, from the playlist 🙂 that was shown during the event and I think does a great job of capturing the essence of Forge and where we’re going with the platform. All in just over one minute.



That’s it for today’s post. The company is basically offline, next week, but then I expect to be fooling around with some side projects that I may end up blogging about. Let’s see.

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