Adding voice commands and spatial mapping to our Unity model in HoloLens

In the last post we added a gaze cursor and some command support for our ABB industrial robot inside HoloLens. The next step I took was to add spatial mapping, allowing the user to select the base of the robot and move it around within the spatially mapped environs.

The Holograms 101 tutorial provided very straightforward instructions on how to implement spatial mapping. I once again had to export the “wireframe” material asset from the provided project to get it across into my own, but that was a minor detail.

Unfortunately when testing the capability – just as with voice commands – it didn’t work. In an attempt to track down the issue, I went and launched the app from the debugger, at which point I spotted this information in the debug output:

Capability ‘spatialPerception’ is required, please enable it in Package.appxmanifest in order to enable spatial mapping functionality.

(Filename: C:buildslaveunitybuildPlatformDependent/MetroPlayer/MetroCapabilities.cpp…

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