Autodesk Simulation users can request participation in Project Arro to help shape the future of SimStudio


Project Arro is an Invitation Only Technology Preview. This not our normal public technology preview because the simulation team is interested in working exclusively with existing Autodesk simulation users.

The project originally got its name because it is an acronym:

  • A = Analyze geometry

    Check model integrity (slivers, problematic edges, overlapping faces, interferences, etc.) Detect and categorize features (holes, fillets, chamfers, embossed or raised features, etc.)

  • R = Repair problems

    Option to “auto-heal” identified issues based on a given tolerance or criteria Split faces or stitch surfaces

  • R = Remove unnecessary features

    Rapid selection and defeaturing without affecting source CAD Associative simplifications (future)

  • O = Optimize designs

    Directly edit geometry with simple push/pull/modify commands to explore ‘what if’ scenarios Create alternatives that can be quickly and easily simulated using associative updates

Now the project represents…

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