“BIM for Buildings” on Fast Track in China

Despite recent reports of China’s economic growth slowing, the country is still progressing very quickly and continuously. In an effort to maintain this progress for China’s unique scale and innovation in building technologies, CABRTech, a building solutions provider backed by the China Academy of Building Research, aims to accelerate the adoption of building information modeling (BIM) for use with the built environment in China with its PKPM-BIM software, which is used by 95 percent of the design industry in China.

Recently, the Chinese company announced that, along with Bentley Systems, it hopes to advance BIM for buildings in China through a new technology licensing subscription and support agreement. As a result, PKPM-BIM can interoperate with Bentley Systems’ own BIM software for a building’s infrastructure context, including the public works and civil project delivery and asset performance environment.

PKPM-BIM aims to solve the challenges associated with big data storage for the design of large buildings through 3D technologies and Chinese standards-based best practices. Fully supported through Bentley’s ProjectWise collaboration system, PKPM-BIM can be seamlessly integrated with Bentley’s broader infrastructure portfolio and common data environment to facilitate in building “smart cities” using the Chinese-standard BIM data. To date, the platform has been used in the design and development of many landmark Chinese buildings, including the…

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