The Doric Vestibule is an interesting space with quite a complex set of requirements.  It sets out to provide a “VIP entrance”, a back door well away from the hustle and bustle of the public banking halls that offers an alternative route to the court suite, and the governor’s office.  The entrance is slightly off-centre along the newly straightened Princes Street, which causes 2 immediate problems.  There is a change of angle, and a change of level.  The angle change is slight (5 degrees) and fairly easily handled by sleight of hand.  The level change is considerable and dealt with by splitting into three parts, three short flights of steps.

The vestibule itself is a cube beneath a dome, sitting at an intermediate level.  On all 4 sides there are lobbies characterised by sturdy Doric columns.  To my knowledge, these are the only Doric columns used in the bank.  It’s a special space. 

The shallow lobby that houses the outer door serves to disguise the change of angle and forms a…

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