Revizto 4.0 can streamline BIM based design

Go through the following video tutorial to have a sneak peek of the most updated version of Revizto i.e. Revizto 4.0. Now the three individual platforms of the software are integrated into one. Revizto 4.0 offers huge benefits to BIM users.

Revizto can be used to generate accessible 3D environments out of BIM and CAD models and at the same time maintain any and all object data together with those complicated MEP systems through its proprietary software that is founded on gaming technology. Besides, it can retain visualizations lightweight.

Revizto 4.0 is compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads and Android tablets. Revizto 4.0 coms up with a slew of following new features.

Lightweight Visualization and easy to use Platforms.

In Revizto 4.0, there will be no individual Revizto Viewer and Editor platforms. The latest version integrates Viewer’s and Editor’s functionalities into a solo platform below the umbrella moniker of Revizto Viewer.

The users will be able to apply Editor inside…

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