How Studying Past Innovations Revealed 7 Questions that Can Lead to Future Innovations

Groups visit Autodesk and want to talk about innovation. They come to offices like the Autodesk Gallery and ask “How does Autodesk innovate?” when what they really want to know is “How can I innovate?” In response, Autodesk has developed a presentation on this topic that involves:

  • Toolset — the specific tools required for an organization to create the products, services, and experiences that it delivers to its customers.
  • Skillset — the collection of “meta-skills” that all professionals need to innovate, regardless of their specific industry or role.
  • Mindset — the various mental models, cultural attitudes, and ambient beliefs (often subtle or even invisible) that exist within an organization about innovation.

Some of the tools that Autodesk uses when innovating include:

  • LUMA — Look, understand, and make methods for human-centered design from the LUMA Institute
  • Visual Strategy — A series of 20+ diagrams intended to structure problem-solving in a systematic…

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