How to import CAD drawing of Jhali Wall into Revit & generate Adaptive Component/Family (Jhali Wall)

Learn the role footings play in keeping foundations from settling and how to size them properly for soil conditions.

This Revit tutorial is based on how to generate adaptive component for Jhali Wall in Revit. Adaptive component is ideal to produce Jhali wall as the size of component can be easily modified according to your choice. There exist 3 templates for developing adaptive components but in this Revit tutorial, specific curtain panel pattern is utilized to produce Jhali wall.

Open the curtain panel pattern based template to view grid system that is truly tile pattern, reference lines (in green color) and points which refer to adaptive points. Adaptive points contain numbers on them. These adaptive points, grid system and reference lines are modifiable.

Jhali Wall is created with AutoCAD and the CAD drawing for Jhali Wall is imported to Revit.


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