How to Make Great Revit Elevations

Remember these beautiful hand-drawn elevations that your architect grandpa used to draw? How much hierarchy and subtlety they had? The attention to details, the trees, the whole family strolling around the building, just enjoying life? They were not just elevations, they were work of art.

Of course, the BIM process completely sucked out the life out of these drawings and gave us efficient, but boring elevations. But does it have to be this way ? Of course not. While we might not capture the same magic as before, a couple of steps and help from new features in Revit 2017 can help put some charm back into elevations.

Let’s take a random Revit project, say this super secret research facility. Here is what it looks like in 3D.

What happens when we make a default elevation of this building ? We got a boring out-of-the-box graphics elevation. Don’t tolerate this. You have to make this elevation as…

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