What is Generative Design

I was surprised when the computer using Autodesk’s generative design technology Dreamcatcher mimicked nature’s optimal designs. When we were researching the next evolution in design, we found that computers could iterate design options for strength, material usage, and cost for an engineer and designer faster than the the engineer or designer alone. We ran a design on a quad rotor UAV and generative design software returned what was almost identical in form to that of a flying squirrel. To me personally it is like augmenting the knowledge of the engineer with a design AI. I remember coming up with a handful of designs for a project as a designer, but now with generative design I can effectively look at far more options in the design than I could. This new technology is not only the future of design but being used today by companies like Airbus where the weight, cost, and strength are key considerations to their designs of aircraft.

Generatve Design for a UAV body

“Generative design mimics nature’s…

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