AU 2016 Registration Opens Aug. 17th – Here Are Some Class Options


The registration for this year’s University is set to open on August 17th, and when it does you will have a ton of classes to choose from in all sorts of disciplines and software. I thought I would help out with the selection process by suggesting a few classes from this year’s course catalog.

Listed below are the 4 sessions that I will be delivering at AU, take a look and see if there is a session or two for you.

AR16178: Dynamo – Everyone’s doing it,  Tuesday, Nov. 15th 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Delfino 4002, Level 4

This session is not for people who are heavy Dynamo software users. This session is for people who aren’t programmers (visual or other), but from time to time may need to use Dynamo as part of their workflows. It’s also for people who have heard of Dynamo, or visual programming, but never thought it was something they could do (but it totally is!). It’s also for those who just don’t think Dynamo can help them in their everyday workflows (don’t…

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