How Dynamo is used to generate Topography from Excel Data Point in Revit 2017

This Revit video tutorial concisely analyzes how to develop Topography out of excel data point in Revit 2017 with Dynamo. Dynamo is an addin for Revit. Dynamo can establish a bidirectional link amid Revit and Excel.

The users can apply the Dynamo graphical programming platform in a useful way to round trip targeted information amid Revit and Excel. Besides, Dynamo can extract Revit Topography Surface Data Point into Excel.

After installing Revit 2017, one can’t see Dynamo in the Manage tab. Initially, one has to rerun the Dynamo installer and ensure to verify Revit 2017 to include Dynamo to this new install.

Once the set up is finished, launch Revit 2017 and Dynamo will be accessible to you in the Manage tab, Visual Programming panel.


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