Industry Collections have arrived — which is the right cloud software for you


CollectionsAutodesk Industry Collections are here, and with them, a whole new strategy for working in the cloud as arrived.

This will come as good news to many, as the transition to subscription-based licensing has been a challenging one for many firms, as there are now so many more moving parts to maintain.

Now, instead of having to maintain different subscriptions for your various software, a single Collection subscription can cover many bases.

Three collections are offered: Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Product Design and Media & Entertainment. Each of the three Collections include bundled software that specializes in the specific field; instead have having to maintain separate subscriptions for AutoCAD Architecture and Navisworks, for example, a single AEC subscription provides access to both. Just like current subscriptions, Collection subscriptions are available in monthly, quarterly, annual and multi-year subscriptions.

Of course, if you still don’t see the need to…

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