Weekend Snapshot

2016-08-13 17.19.22-1This past weekend I hiked hiked on the North face of Mount Hood in Oregon up to the alpine meadows via the Pinnacles and Vista Ridge trail to Elk Cove about 10 miles and 3000 feet vertical. It was an a amazing hike but I have never seen Mt Hood without so much snow. It is usually covered in places by glacier snow and ice fields year round. Part of the hike passed through a forest fire affected region ( Dollar Lake Fire 2012) and it was nice to see that nature is coming back with an amazing contrast of blackened trees and bright colored wildflowers..

2016-08-13 17.27.592016-08-13 18.08.542016-08-13 18.06.22
2016-08-13 18.58.212016-08-13 18.58.452016-08-13 19.29.48

On the way back down I took time to watch the sun setting and I could see not only Mt Hood but Mt Rainier, Mt Saint Helens, and Mt. Adams.
You can see Mt Adams in the distance.

I hope you made the most of your weekend, now lets get this week going as Autodesk University registration is opening this week.


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