My entry for Autodesks first Global Hackathon: a HoloLens-based tool for navigating low visibility environments

We have an internal company Hackathon being held at Autodesk locations around the world on September 6th and 7th. The theme for the event is “What’s Next?” and there are variety of sub-themes under which the hacks can fall:

  1. Computer as collaborator
  2. Future of product interfaces
  3. Internet of Things
  4. Social good / Sustainability
  5. The future of anything else

I signed up some time ago to be an “evangelist” for the event, which means I’m a resource for people in the local Neuchatel office should they have questions about VR/AR and IoT (which fall under the second and third sub-themes, respectively), in particular. I wasn’t sure I was going to participate in the Hackathon as part of a team, but after chatting over some ideas with colleagues in the office in Friday afternoon, I decided on one that would be pretty interesting to take on.

The inspiration for the idea was two-fold. Having played with the HoloLens over the last month or so, I’ve become very interested in…

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