Self-Redefinition in DesignScript

I just stumbled upon this interesting fact of the default language block you have in Code Blocks:

It looks kind of weird at first right? you would expect that the result is 1, not 2, if you do the same in a Python script you have right 1:

Note how there is only one output port on the Code Block, this is because the variable in play is called x on both lines, plus the default language block is Associative which means that each assignment is re-executed, some sort of recursion, to update all the variables values.
At first x = 0, on the second line the same variable x is then assigned to an expression x + 1, which returns x = 1, but since 1 is different form 0 it means that the value associated to x has changed so the Associativity kicks in and it re-executes the assignment that yields 1 + 1 = 2   which is totally correct in terms of DesignScript Associative language block context.
There are two options to get the “standard” value 1 out of a Code Block:

Look at the number of output ports…

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