Our dancing HoloLens robot, now viewable in Germany

Just out of curiosity, this morning I decided to go and check the YouTube video we saw in the last post. I’d realised from my messing around with the Star Wars opening crawl that if you include copyrighted content in a video, then sometimes ads get included, too, with the proceeds benefiting the copyright owner. Which is absolutely fair enough, as far as I’m concerned.

What I hadn’t realised is that some copyrighted content isn’t viewable in certain countries, presumably at the request of the copyright owner. So due to its use of a Chemical Brothers track, my last video may not have been viewable in Germany, a place where there happens to be a whole load of robotics and advanced manufacturing enthusiasts.


Blocked in Germany

I couldn’t have that, so I went ahead and recorded a new version of the video, this time with a song that’s viewable worldwide. Incidentally, if you’re using copyrighted tracks in your own videos, you can check here whether a song is restricted regionally.

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