Revit Add-in Order

I’m that guy who has a lot of apps on my phone. “Oh, that might be neat,” I say to myself and I download an app. And then I don’t use it but I don’t uninstall it because I might use it. But then I don’t. But I still don’t uninstall it.

I’m not as bad with my Revit Add-ins, but I do have a lot. This is what my add-in bar looks like.


A lot of the get scrunched up at the end. Now, I look at these and there are a lot that I have only used once and will probably never use again, but I just can’t part with them (I’m looking a you, Revit DB Link).

To top it off, I do a lot of presentations and webinars now on the BIM Interoperability Tools and I really would love those to be front and center in my bar and not the fly-out when I have to talk about them. Luckily there is an easy fix to tell Revit how to get these reshuffled.

I took a look at one of the locations where my add-ins get installed, ┬áC:ProgramDataAutodeskRevitAddins2017 and saw if I could find a correlation between the…

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