Revit to BIM 360 docs approval workflow using dynamo

In continuation of my previous post ("Sheet publishing on BIM 360 docs", July 28th, 2016), have a look at the following folder on Box:


Revit 2 BIM 360 docs dataset


It contains a dynamo script + revit template and project.

The script allows you to designate sheets to be published. I've added two parameters on the sheet objects to automate this process:

                -‘Published’ – specifies which sheets should be reviewed on BIM 360 docs

                -‘Update’ – when a sheet has already been published, this parameter allows the sheet to be added

                    to the sheet list, so it updates on BIM 360 docs

The dynamo script is quite simple:

                -Read the two parameters and make a logical ‘AND’ of the two

                -Only take the sheets where both are set to TRUE

                -Create the sheet set ‘CDM’

               – Update ‘Set…

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