Three Keys to Successful BIM Content Management

In the world of BIM, content management is an extremely hot topic. We have to deal with a lot of sub-par content, we have to collect it all together and then try to use it on real projects. We have to be able to find the content we need, and we need that content to meet certain quality rules, otherwise it becomes counter-productive to use it at all. We need our content to have an appropriate level of geometry, 2D elements, and embedded data parameters.

I could write for hours about BIM content in both practical and specific terms, but in this post I want to share just three keys to good management of BIM content.

Key 1 – Have a DRI (Directly Responsible Individual)
A good collection of BIM content doesn’t happen automatically. It is something that needs an appropriate level of curation, and to that end, it needs someone who is ultimately responsible. In fact, you may have a company-wide Chief Content Manager, and then persons who handle content on a more specific basis (such as a…
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