Its time to Play!

There’s a new WebGL-based technology being developed Autodesk and it’s completely awesome. And you can request access to it today.

Project Play has been in development for some time. It has some shared lineage with the Smithsonian X 3D Explorer – although I’m not sure to what extent, if any, they share code – and it’s the viewing technology used by millions (?) around the world to explore the ReCapped Apollo 11 Command Module.

But this technology is about way more than just viewing static models. It’s a full node-based editor that allows you to create rich 3D experiences without the need for any code.

Let’s take a look at a couple of sample projects. The first is a classic interactive configurator for a radio:



You can click buttons, change colours and place an engraving. All before hitting the “Buy Now” button.

The second is a tool that allows you to compare 3D meshes of archaic human skulls:



You can merge the two meshes, having chosen…

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