What are the odds that a technology preview becomes a product or service?


Autodesk customers typically imagine, design, and create:

  • places
  • things
  • media (film, TV show, commercial, game)

As we help our customers design, make, and use their creations, we have gathered our solutions into collections for:

  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
  • Product Design
  • Media and Entertainment

In my mind, since our one for places includes “Architecture, Engineering, and Construction,” I wonder if our second one shouldn’t be called “Product Design and Manufacturing,” but I am not in marketing. I am a software engineer.


In yesterday’s blog post, I defined what a technology preview is. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that a technology preview is not an alpha nor a beta. When working with an alpha, the customer expectation is that the next step is beta. When working with a beta, the customer expectation is that the next step is production. In the case of a technology preview, there is no expectation for a next step. Technology previews sometimes…

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