Intelligent 3D PDF Exporter For Revit – The Newest Revit Add-In

This is an exclusive Revit video tutorial that sheds light on how to use intelligent 3D PDF Exporter for Revit to export 2D and 3D combined 3D PDF as well as export space to 3D PDF with texture.

It is an add-in software module for Revit. It facilitates the Revit users to transform 2D sheets and a number of model(s) with adjoining objects into a solo 3D PDF. It is also possible to export properties, hierarchy and material information into a user-friendly 3D PDF.

As soon as the file is exported, open the 3D PDF through adobe reader and consistently navigate the 3D and 2D simultaneously in one place.

This Revit add-in contains the following features :-

Overlay 3D on 2D Sheet: Choose 2D drawings and 3D models to integrate into one sheet. The user will be able to choose from particular 3D Plan/Room/Objects which can be overlaid onto the 2D sheet without any difficulty.

Export as per your requirement: It is not necessary to export the complete model, only export selected particular…

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