Autodesk ReMake and it’s relationship to Project Play

Many of you may recall Autodesk ReMake when it was a technology preview know as Project Memento.


Tatjana Dzambazova is one of our Product Managers for Reality Solutions. Reality solutions are where you take what’s in the real world, the reality, and bring it into the computer using techniques like laser scanning or photogrammetry; or where you take what’s in the computer (3D model) and bring it out into the real world, the reality, with techniques like 3D printing. She recently filed this report:

The team has posted updates on both on ReMake and as well as the ReMake online Viewer (Project Play template)


We pushed a new update of ReMake for both Windows and Mac:

What’s new in this build:

  1. A new improved Mac version of ReMake. This Mac version has many fixes that forum users reported in the prior beta version and is now on par with Windows on all but one feature — the Mac version does NOT have the local…

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