Whats up with Autodesk and HoloLens?

Demoing HoloLens to customers on Friday in BostonA lot of people are asking me about HoloLens at the moment. And I really do mean a lot. This is cool – people are clearly excited about the possibilities of the technology – but it also means I’m spending quite a bit of time adjusting people’s expectations about what they can do currently with HoloLens and Autodesk software.

I decided to write this blog post – describing where we are today – mainly in an attempt to answer the questions I’m receiving about HoloLens and Autodesk. If you’re visiting this post, sometime in the future, bear in mind that the information was probably only valid for a few months in the latter part of 2016. 🙂

So… what’s up with Autodesk and HoloLens? Which of our tools work with it?

You may have seen promotional videos showing Fusion 360 and Maya working with HoloLens. These were early proof-of-concept integrations, and as far as I know they haven’t (as yet) resulted in anything usable by early HoloLens adopters. It’s going to…

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