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Piloting UAS

The FAA has enacted new regulations that went into effect on August 31st, 2016 for US based small unmanned aircraft systems UAS/UAV/drones over .55 pounds but under 55 pounds after what felt like a wild wild west of unclear rules awhile drones became very popular for both hobbyist and commercial companies including Autodesk for construction and reality capture technologies.

Drones Take Off In the Construction Industry as a Cost-Saving Tool
Diary of a drone pilot – Medium


Both hobbyist and commercial pilots must be aware and follow all the new regulations for a much safer regulated US airspace. FAA Get Started Page

FAA UAV Regulations for hobbyist and commercial work

The new rules for non-hobbyist small unmanned aircraft (UAS) operations – Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (PDF 624 pages) – covers a broad spectrum of commercial uses for UAS. The regulations require certain restrictions on controlling the UAS and also certification of the pilot.
Remote Pilot Certification information

I Passed my Part 107 Exam!

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