One Week with the iPhone 7 Plus

2016-09-17 10.24.14
Just over a week ago I drew a Friday 8am reservation for the new iPhone and upgraded as I do for the camera and increased storage alone. The new Apple reservation process was easy as I was in and out with the new phone in 5 minutes and had the first Apple 7 Plus Black matte for the Portland store I was at.  After having used the phone for just over a week I have a few personal observations.

The positives for me:

  • The iPhone 7 Plus is a really nice phone and much faster than my previous iPhone 6S Plus. Not sure it is sufficient reason if you have a iPhone 6S Plus to upgrade for the speed alone, but if you have an iPhone 6 or older it is certainly worth the upgrade.
  • Having the256Gb storage is a really nice option to have with all the data we store in high resolution 4k video and photos including NEF RAW now.
  • The camera is phenomenal and worth the upgrade to me. The iPhone 7 Plus has the dual cameras which act as a wide angle and a telephoto. The camera is also more sensitive in low…

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