Generative Design Chair in the office of the CTO

Last week I blogged about how summer intern, Brittany Presten, worked with Technical Assistant to the CEO, Arthur Harsuvanakit, to explore a workflow between Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Project Dreamcatcher. The result of their imagine/design/create workflow was a full-scale chair. The chair is now in the office of the CTO, Jeff Kowalski, much to the chagrin of our CEO, Carl Bass, who actually lent a hand in the chair’s CNC fabrication.



It goes well with the Dreamcatcher-designed shelf brackets and other 3D printed objects that were already in Jeff’s office.


As part of the project, Brittany 3D printed some of the early designs.


As our software helps our customers, and our employees, design, make, and use the places, things, and meda that they create, our story wouldn’t be complete without the use part.


By using our tools ourselves, we help forge a path between the way designers design today and the way designers will design tomorrow. Infinite computing…

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