Why MEP Engineering Firms Should Give BIM a Second Thought?

BIM has evolved over a period of time, becoming a rich information model or rather a rich 3D database of a building instead of just a geometry depiction of what it looks like. If you were to ask any MEP engineering firm today about their notion and adoption of BIM, you might just get avalanche of opinions.

We read a lot about architects, owners, designer’s perspective on BIM, but we hardly find MEP firms, or engineers voicing out on BIM. Well this is fairly explainable!

Information modeling for architectural and structural aspects of building has evolved more compared to MEP. Moreover, in lieu of drawing, BIM needs to be fed all relevant information regarding each of the components to be embedded in model. But MEP design involves more technical/industrial components compared to architectural modeling. Now this becomes a matter of concern if the components blocks and modules can be made immediately available.

BIM for MEP Engineering

What happens is that BIM blocks require…

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