Make Hardscape Follow Topo Update

A little less than a year ago, I posted about how you can Make Hardscape Follow Topo with a very simple Dynamo definition. The main downside to this workflow is that it requires a corresponding Subregion with the same footprint as the Floor. Because it uses a Subregion to generate points, you also cannot control the amount of points that go into the Floor. But with a slightly more complicated definition, you can create the same result without a Subregion and even control how many points will modify the Floor.

So starting out, I created a definition (using Spring Nodes and Clockwork) that found the Floor boundary points and projected them onto the Toposurface.


This definition may work fine for smaller Floors that are on a relatively simple slope, but it does not incorporate any interior Topo points or Topo triangulation edges. So on more complex slopes, it is not particularly useful:


In order to incorporate those additional points, the definition gets a bit more…

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