Micro16, AAG and Monolith

On Saturday I gave a couple of VR presentations at Micro16, an exhibition and conference held at Microcity, a (relatively) new technical hub in Neuchatel that houses part of EPFL.

[I always pronounce Microcity with stress on the second syllable, much as Will Ferrel does when pronouncing “Metrocity” in the movie Megamind (so that it rhymes with “atrocity”). Anyway – it’s just a (formerly) private joke shared with my wife and kids.]

I’d been invited by a local organisation called Enigma & Indicium, which organises vocational workshops for young adults. The two sessions were attended by people aged from about 10 upwards.

My VR box

For this kind of audience I make a point of bringing along a bunch of View-Masters. I collect View-Masters and reels – so I have a lot to choose from – and I find that children are still impressed by the effect they give. I like to discuss the parallels between historical applications of View-Masters and those of VR, today: View-Masters have…

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