New Orleans Saints and Data Visualization

It’s Friday, so here’s a non-work-related blog posting.

I grew up in New Orleans, so I have been a Saints fan since 1967 when the team was founded. For international It’s Alive in the Lab readers, the New Orleans Saints are the professional American football team from my old home town. This year, the team is competing in its 50th season. When they started, they were a really bad team. For a brief period, they were really good and actually won the Super Bowl for the 2009-2010 season. Since there’s been a mix of good and bad, I wondered how many times they have had a winning season.

I found the win/loss/tie information on Wikipedia and made a chart so I could visualize the data.


A side-effect of this graph os that you can see that the Saints haven’t had a game end in a tie since 1973. This is much less likely to happen today since games can be extended up to 15 minutes in an attempt to break ties at the end of regulation. Though this graph leveraged the Saints gold and black…

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