Structural Modeling Services to Improve the Strength of Building Structures

Being the basic framework for the building, structure is as similar as human skeleton. The strength of the building relies heavily on its inner structure, just like a Skeleton supporting human body. With advancement in tools and technologies, structural and civil engineers are able to build complex building structures – efficiently.

Structural Steel Detailing Structural modeling can be ideally defined as a parametric representation of structure model in 3D, which enables the user to view each and every corner of the build structure virtually. Structural modeling in BIM further extends its benefits by considering various dimensions one might want to see, before building the structure. The dimensions range from 3D, 4D (construction sequencing) and 5D (cost estimation) to 6D (sustainability) and 7D (facility management).

Like said before, structural modeling enables smooth construction of complex structures. It helps in efficiently increasing the profit by reducing the cost and task redundancy. So, if you are…

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