Periodic Table of BIM and Social Media

Back in June we published the Periodic Table of BIM. This was basically a table of contents covering all aspects of BIM to introduce the industry to this topic.

In July, my colleague Stefan Mordue decided to stick it on the side of a mug and ask social media who wants one.

I’ve just returned from a two week holiday to see that the hashtag #cuppabim went a little crazy when I was away.

A selection of some of the best ones below…

My clear favourite
National BIM Library objects in action
Flown all of the way to Dublin
Stop the meeting for a photo of the periodic table on the big screen!

One sent to our #BIMGeordie friends up the road
Every noticeboard needs a period table of BIM
Loving the selfies
Hard hats and cool mugs
The revolving door BIM object seems to be a bit of a favourite
A cuddly panda, a cuddly owl and the periodic table of BIM – the three essentials for any workspace

To see what all of the fuss originally was about…
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