Create Text Note Objects using OOTB DynamoBIM Nodes

Its finally here! As far as I know is this the first annotation object that you could create in Revit using OOTB Dynamo nodes. To create the text note(s) simply follow the image below. There will be more advanced text note creation images to follow.

Note that this text note creation node is only available with dynamo version 1.1.1 and above. This blog post used a daily build (not stable build) of dynamo and therefore this node is subject to change. Enjoy it and lets all welcome annotation create OOTB nodes in Dynamo. This is the start of something beautiful. There are also create dimension nodes and create tag nodes in this version as well. Stay tuned for some images on how to create those annotation objects in my blog posts to follow. Make sure to thank and hug a dynamo developer when you see one! 

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