Using Generative Design to Design a Bike Stem

Design a Bike Stem Using Autodesk Generative DesignThere is an article published by SolidSmack explaining Autodesk’s Generative Design technology named Dreamcatcher developed by Autodesk Research. The article discusses Autodesk Pier 9 Artist in Residence Che-Wei Wang using Dreamcatcher to design an optimized 3D printed metal bike stem. In Dreamcatcher the user is not just a modeler or CAD designer but sets the design constraints such as initial geometry, loads, and material properties and then the designer selects the best output design from a series of results that satisfy the requirements. Not surprisingly many of the results of our algorithms mimic natures structural designs as nature has optimized design through constant evolution. The computer or cloud can easily crunch far more design options in a short time and this is starting to change things and open a lot of possibilities in an evolution of the design process.

Generative Design Makes the Dream Stem V1 One of the World’s Lightest Bike Stems

The Che-Wei also published…

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