VRistmas is coming

At Autodesk we’re in the process of equipping a number of our offices around the world with high-end VR showrooms. San Francisco and Boston are already set-up with a number of others currently in progress. It seems likely that Autodesk Neuchatel is going to be one of the next ones to come online, which is a source of great excitement to me, at least.

As part of that effort, we’ve placed orders for two Silverdraft Demon systems as well as two HTC Vive Business Editions. The first Vive arrived yesterday:

Trying out the fit of the HTC Vive

If you were at the Forge DevCon, you’ll already have seen the kind of system we’re going to have in place here. Here’s a photo of Merten in front of the VR set-up we had at the DevCon: we’ll soon have a nearly identical set-up in the Neuchatel office.

Merten in the Metaverse

I’ve been working with our local facilities team, and we’ve identified a nice location on our 1st floor, not far from our new coffee area.

Our prospective VR area

I’m looking forward to being able to give demos…

  • Collaborative design…

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