Windows 10 Tricks


Start Menu

If you right-click on the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner, it will open a right-click menu with a number of popular options like Programs and Features, Control Panel, File Explorer, and Disk Management. A whole lot quicker then typing in the Cortana search box.

Desktop Button

This desktop button has been actually around for a while now but maybe you’ve missed it. On the bottom-right corner of your page, there’s a super thin desktop button. Click it and it will minimize all your open windows to clear the desktop. A faster way is holding the “Windows” key on the keyboard and hitting ”D” or right-click the Start Menu and using “Desktop”.

Right-Click on Tiles

Just right-click on any of them and a right-click menu will open. This menu will give you options like the ability to un-pin from the Start menu, to resize the windows, or to turn that live tile off and more.

Right-Click on the Taskbar

Here’s a handy menu that will allow you to quickly access a…

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