Contain your Containers: The art of container security


The other day, instead of going out for lunch, I attended a presentation on securing containers. Containers? Containers are a new grouping mechanism as part of the software development process.

  • When I was learned how to program in college in the 1980’s, programming was all about memory and CPU cycles. Programs executed on a mainframe and security issues were handled by the operating system. The goal for the programmer was to write code that used as little memory as possible, could be compiled into as few machine instructions as possible, and could be easily understood by other programmers who may need to maintain or enhance the code.

  • In the 1990’s, along came the PC — the personal computer. Unlike a mainframe that was a shared resource, computer programs were running on a device that was just for one person — like a toothbrush. The programmer’s job became even more challenging in terms of memory usage and CPU utilization in that the first PCs had limited…

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