Recapping RTC Europe 2016: A Grand Finale and New Beginning

All things eventually come to an end, especially good things. RTC Europe 2016 just ended this past Saturday. Some of us held on a little longer by staying in Porto over the weekend to enjoy a few more of the many things that the marvelous Portuguese city has to offer. Others are already back home, went to work and started sharing with friends and colleagues the highlights of their learning and experience at the conference.

RTC Europe 2016 was definitely the best European RTC event to date. Of course everything that we learned over the previous three RTC Europe events helped to make it such. It was also the largest European event in terms of attendees.

But this time it went beyond being a single event. It added the inaugural European Building Content Summit (BCS), which brought together all of the players/protagonists in the story of content as it goes through the lifecycle of a project. And the city of Porto also engaged with RTC and, through IPSEC, hosted a series of Fast…

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