Some Useful Tips On Autocad User Interface

The following autocad article provides some useful autocad tips to maintain the standard workspace.

Tricks for AutoCAD user interface – Learn how to deactivate the ribbon and produce a minimum workspace:

1. Give command RIBBONCLOSE

2. Give command MENUBAR 1

3. Select the Tools menu > Toolbars > AutoCAD > Layers

4. Select the Tools menu > Toolbars > AutoCAD > Properties

5. Lots other can be included as per requirements

6. Dock the toolbars at the top of the drawing area

7. Give command MENUBAR 0

8. Click the Workspace button and Save Current As …, label it “Minimal” or whatever

It is possible to toggle amid workspaces with the similar button. Various workspaces can be saved for diverse projects.

The following tricks should be applied if an interface element is just hanging around with nothing to do.

• Not applying the Viewcube? Give command NAVVCUBEDISPLAY 0

• Not applying the navigation bar under the Viewcube? Give command NAVBARDISPLAY 0

• Unemployed buttons on the…

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