A busy day at EPFL

Yesterday I was back at EPFL to visit a number of different people/teams.

The main purpose of the trip was to meet with Klaus Schönenberger and Solomzi Makohliso from EssentialTech: an EPFL organization focused on reducing poverty by encouraging transfer of essential technology to developing nations. Examples of technology that has been transferred by the programme are a safe, affordable X-ray technology and a protective suit for working with Ebola patients.

Protective suit for working with Ebola patients

Image © 2016 EPFL Alain Herzog

The delivery mechanism for the technology will either be an existing company or a startup, depending on the situation. The work EssentialTech is doing is extremely important: I’m looking forward to Autodesk finding a way to support their activities.

When the meeting finished, after lunch, I took the opportunity to catch up with some EPFL-based robotics researchers: I met with two members of the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems who both happen to be called Alice. I’d met Alice Concordel…

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