#AU2016 Product Innovation Keynote


In past years, Autodesk University had just an opening keynote. In subsequent years, we added a closing keynote to being it all together. This year, in addition to those two, we have one in the middle. This keynote allowed attendees to learn about Autodesk’s product and platform innovation and our best new cloud technologies. Amar Hanspal, Senior Vice President, Products started Tuesday morning off and was joined by a group of passionate customers and product experts. This keynote showcased some of the noteworthy technology available to our customers today and coming in the near future.

Here are my takeaways from the product innovation keynote.

  • Our relationship with our customers is changing and our offerings are evolving. The inherent promise of a subscription relationship is that customers make a commitment to us for a reasonable duration and our commitment back to them is to maximize the value they get over that period of time.

  • To address the needs of…

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