Autodesk LIVE in the Vive

I’ve finally found the time to get one of the new Demons bound to my service, installed with Autodesk VRED, Revit and LIVE.

I had some teething issues getting the HTC Vive to work: my rookie mistake was thinking I could connect it to a DisplayPort via a basic DP –> HDMI dongle. This was enough for the PC – and Steam VR – to detect it, but not enough for anything to show inside the HMD. After a phone consult with Merten Stroetzel, I fixed it by having it come off the DVI port (another option would be to use a powered DP –> HDMI convertor, but in the end a single DVI –> HDMI dongle did the trick). Thanks, Merten!

So we now have functioning VR, albeit in a slightly small space. It’s more cubicle-scale than room-scale, right now. 🙂 The work on our VR room will be completed in December, so I’ll be able to install the systems then in a much more usable environment.

Having installed LIVE, I decided to give its Revit –> Stringray workflow a try with the honking…

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