Revit Viewer – Sharing Revit models with non Revit users

The Essential Guide to A360 ONLINE REVIT VIEWER

Revit Viewer

My Boss was giving a presentation to a lot of clients recently. We were working on an apartment complex with a lot of stakeholders, and these clients wanted to see the impact of our design on their individual tenancies. It was a fairly complex building and 3D images just weren’t showing the whole picture. My Boss doesn’t have Revit, so we started looking for a Revit Viewer or something similar. We found the Autodesk A360 Online Viewer which let him navigate and present the Revit model to the clients during his presentation.

It worked a treat! My boss was impressed, and now most of the Engineers in my office are using A360 to view, present and share our Models with clients. It’s a hit!

Why this Online Revit Viewer is Awesome:

  • It requires no downloading or installing of software
  • It accepts over 50 2D & 3D file formats including .rvt files
  • You can easily share the model via link, print or screenshot
  • It’s really simple to use and…

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