Autodesk Revit: The Project Browser explained


As you develop your project within Revit, you are going to create many different assets. These assets will typically include Floor Plan views, Elevations views, Section views, Schedules, Perspective and 3D views, etc. As you work with your project you will be constantly switching between these views. You will need to rename some of them. You will probably want to duplicate some of them in order to create new views. The Project Browser is your interface with all of these assets.

Unit Agenda

  1. All your Project Information in one place!
  2. Navigating the information contained within the Project Browser
  3. Docking the Project Browser
  4. Toggling the display of the Project Browser on and off

Video Tutorial:-


All your Project Information in one place!

Let’s say for example you are going to design a new School. You would create a new Revit Project. This project file would have a .RVT file extension. So…

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