Flood and Hydraulic Modeling in Infraworks 360

Autodesk and Hydronia have partnered to release a groundbreaking plug-in for Infraworks 360. Hydronia RiverFlow2D Flood Simulation (FS) now runs within Autodesk InfraWorks 360 to complete preliminary hydraulic modeling and preliminary design within one software package. If you are not familiar with Hydronia they are the foremost respected software development company for hydraulic modeling of riverine and coastal environments.

I first had the opportunity to evaluate the Hydronia RiverFlow2D plug-in for Autodesk Infraworks 360 this spring while the software was in the Project Boulder phase at Autodesk Labs. Up until now, the workflow to complete flood and hydraulic modeling on CAD projects required coordination between multiple design packages. With the Hydronia RiverFlow2D (FS) plug-in now running within Infraworks 360, the process of completing preliminary hydraulic modeling and site analysis has been significantly streamlined.

Hydraulic Modeling for Stream Restoration and…

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