Gearing up for the Closing Keytnote of #AU2016


As our final keynote of the event is where Autodesk Senior Vice President, Andrew Anagnost, will share his perspective on driving change through innovation. Remember when I said that you should watch the movie, Hot Tub Time Machine, before attending #AU2016. Well, I wasn’t kidding. The star of that movie, Rob Corddry, will be on hand to inject some fun into this memorable event and help our customers take learning to the next level. I remember Rob from his days as a correspondent on The Daily Show. That’s the top of Rob’s head as he met with Andrew just a few feet from my office.


While Rob was at our Pier 9 office, he and Autodesk Explorer, Jonathan Knowles, filmed some promos for the closing keynote:

[youtube] [youtube]

The future is/will be alive in the lab.

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