My Original Stitch Experience: Unfortunately Zero for Two

Medical experts often suggest that we should not be using the WebMD site. They fear that we are attempting to self-diagnose our illnesses when we really should be relying on expert care from doctors. Perhaps obtaining bespoke clothing falls in the same category. I am zero for two in trying to get a perfect fit.

Recall my original blog article:

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I had not taken my measurements carefully enough. Luckily, Original Stitch allows each customer to have one mulligan — a do-over because they recognize that sometimes these things happen. Although I have comfortable worn 16″-34″ inch shirts off-the-rack for as long as I can remember, my free replacement shirt from Original Stitch is better, but not great.


My sleeves as too short. As far as I know, my arms are the same length, yet one sleeve seems shorter than the other.


This problem is a manufacturing defect and not my fault. Successful bespoke clothing creation is a partnership between customer and…

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